Welcome to the Central Division DXAC webpage!

John, K9EL


The DX Advisory Committee (DXAC) consists of one representative from each ARRL Division that meet on a regular basis and provide input and responses for the ARRL DXCC Program.

Earlier in 2022, I was appointed by Carl, K9LA, Central Division Director, to replace the ailing W9WU who served on the DXAC representing the W9 Division for many years.  Unfortunately Jim joined the ranks of silent keys a few months ago - we will all miss his wit and enthusiasm.

If you are located in the Central Division, I am currently seeking your ideas and comments regarding the DXCC program.  Everyone has opinions and comments on Inactive countries, deleted countries, new countries, award processes, etc.   Let me know you thoughts!!


Feel free to email me at any time regarding the DXAC:  DXAC.K9EL (at) gmail (dot) com.


Some of the current (Sept 2022) topics being discussed by the DXAC include:

Establish an RTTY DXCC Award or print “RTTY” on certificate?

Timeline to revisit DXCC rules – last was DXCC2000

Add inactive countries category?  How long inactive?

Change Honor Roll to 15 needed?

Annual DXCC award?

Scarborough Reef status (was originally rejected by DXAC)

WAZ type award based on ITU zones?

5 Band Honor Roll?


Recent closed DXAC topics:

A number of requests have been received for new country status for islands below 60 degrees South Latitude.   Current agreements do not allow for any new countries below 60 degrees and there is no plan or desire to revisit that decision.  Some long term DXCC countries are below 60 degrees, but no new ones will be added.


4U1A – many requests to add 4U1A as a new country as it is recognized by WAE and CQ as an entity.   The current rules do not allow any more UN offices to be added as new countries (there are many!).   There is no plan to re-visit those rules, so 4U1A will not be recommended as a new country.


Term limits for field QSL checkers – at one time there was a time limit on how long a field checker could check QSL cards.   There are currently no limits and there is no plan to add time limits.


Click here to see an organization chart to see how the DXAC fits into the ARRL organization